Android P : A Version That Occupies iPhone X Features

Android P : A Version That Occupies iPhone X Features

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Its been a decade that we use smartphones and most probably android and iPhone versions for our use. Majority of the users are being used with android smartphones as they are less expensive and have much several features other than iPhone. What makes the difference is that they separates with two different type of operating systems. And also android do also supports an external Sd card storage. And do also allows third party applications to be installed. Here what we show you is a new version which should be the Android’s next version that is the Android P do have a chance to make an update among the users. Though in an overall view, we can say that Android P : A version that occupies iPhone X features in a glance.

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However the new version Android P is under development now as to maintain all the bugs fixed and provide the user a new user experience. Somehow the company has already released some early builds for the developers for the testing purpose to make it enhanced with much features. The information was announced by the Google as this Android P will be designed with lots of innovations and related oriented features and a new generation experience. What’s the extra ordinary feature that highlights is that they expect to have iPhone X like gesture features in the android control system. Means that the company leads their Android users to experience like in iPhone X features.

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Also the developers of this new version Android has announced in an official blog post through showing a screenshot of experiencing Android P. Upon the screenshot, it is expected to have a hollow styled back button and a pill shaped home button in which it overall looks like an iPhone X. From the present system is designed with a back button, home button and a menu button in the Android smartphones. Although this new update was a surprising for the Android users as it is the first time they are experiencing such a setting. The another fact that makes this setting amazing is that no other custom ROM’s has never showcased such a gesture setting in any gadget.

In spite of that there are rumors about the new update versions as some smart people have managed to have a copy of the particular screenshot that is displayed here. However the news relates with the availability of the private DNS mode on the first Android P developer preview release. And so the company have released a cropped image through a article in which it does not have navigation bar. Nothing more other that the buttons includes in this gesture setting and we all are in a waiting for the official announce of the update. Through the siding gesture feature that is planned to enabled in this setting will cross the new experience as it makes a damn excitement in all Android users. Stay tuned with us to get more about the news whereas we could not make it sure that it would available or not. The more features will be explained here.

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