Google Updates Its Services With Amazing Feature VPS

Since its been a lot of years we have been using Google maps, the application that helps us to find our destination and the way to travel. We all know that this Google Maps application has been a friendly guide to all f us whoever have been once a traveler. And so Google Maps provides its users their destination and ways and even provide the time they do have to travel. Google Maps Updates Its Services With Amazing Feature VPS. Sometimes the application have been helpful with the shortest route to the destination of ours if available from the current location we stand. Nothing more than helping others is the only motive of this amazing application that have inspired the world.

Google Maps is officially owned by the Google as it is a service provided by the Google and is developed by the Google LLC developers who have established a new venture for the society. And though there is an assistant who helps us to make our drive easier by navigating us through voice guidance. Most probably we could arrive at our destination rather than getting struck in traffic. One of the most exciting feature is that if you are lost and you want to inform one of your friend nearby the location, you could share the location according to the the time insisted by the app to your friend as they could arrive at you.

However this amazing application which is available in android and iOS versions have been downloaded and installed by millions of users across the world. As the application is much helpful to anyone who uses it wisely. Sometimes we get struck in a point or junction where there comes many roads intersecting each other. And it is also quite difficult to find out the direction like south or east from your location and you might get to the wrong pathway. And so to avoid such issues, Google Maps have updated this amazing android application with a new feature named as VPS which means Visual Positioning System.

The new feature is quite smarter than before as the application navigates its user to the right pathway by visualizing the way through the camera option. The app access the camera of the smartphone and show the way you have to go without any confusion in deviating. Or else you could also arrange an assist for you to navigate you through this new feature. Although the application can be updated through the link provided here. Open and check the application for updates. The new venture id much extra ordinary to any user who uses this application. You can make this information much clearer through watching the video given below.

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