Google works in messaging application to compete with WhatsApp

Various sources indicate that Google plans to launch an application from mobile messaging for the India market in the next year 2015. Sources indicate that Google is working on the application of mobile messaging to compete directly with WhatsApp and to support the recent efforts of Google in this market with the launch of Android One.

Sources suggest that Google is planning application to recover lost ground in the messaging market. Last month, Google sent to Nikhyl Singhal, product manager of Hangouts and Google +, in a sort of “reconnaissance mission” to the India, to collect data on the ecosystem existing in terms of mobile messaging in the India. Although Google already has its own implementation of mobile messaging, Hangouts that features the integration of SMS, sources indicate that the new mobile messaging application, apparently not oblige users log in with a Google account credentials. Instead, it is likely that you use telephone numbers for identification, it would be a great advantage in emerging markets as the India, where a data infrastructure that is reliable yet is not within the reach of many.

The rumours also indicate that the application being developed by Google for these emerging markets, will feature characteristics according to the region: language support of India for the conversion of voice to text messaging program. The use of the messaging application will be free.

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