Hangouts for Chrome Browser Receives New Update

Hangouts for Chrome Browser Receives New UpdateThere is no the most minimal doubt that Google has been very busy in recent months. I say this since we have seen that they have updated almost all applications for the Android platform. Starting from the same Android operating system with all new Material Design elements, thus also almost all Google applications which have been updated by using the same dissent than in Android Lollipop guides.

But Google has not been only on Android, has also now begun some updates for your Web browser and operating system for computers Chrome. On this occasion the application of Hangouts for Chrome Browser Receives New Update which enables the ability to make phone calls from the same application. Taking it on par in terms of capabilities to its counterpart in Android.

Additional notifications for the application area also Google was carried out a few interesting changes since it allows you to reply to a message that comes directly from the same notification, and as soon as this answer disappears. An important point is that in order to see the new features of notifications you must go to Settings area in the application of Hangouts and disable the option of “Always on Top”.

Definitely this year has been exceptional one for Android users and for all that use almost all Google services on a daily basis. We hope to keep this work by Google in the same way for this next year.

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