Laptop and desktop computer.. What advantages and disadvantages


Featuring a laptop easily moved from one place to another and can be used anywhere, either desktop computer, it is usually the most powerful in its capabilities and provides a better seating position for the user and that he had to stay in one place. Perhaps the best way to differentiate between these two types of computers is to determine the needs of each user.
Says Bernd ripple which works with t. u. in the Rhineland to determine quality standards in Germany “If you intend to use your computer in multiple locations, it makes sense to buy a laptop, but if you need more resources, and spend a long time in the same place, you need a desktop.”
Examples of applications that require powerful computers, video editing software and video games in 3D. And the important rules that should be taken into account also “desktops usually are cheaper than laptops”.
Says Thomas Kaminski from Intel to manufacture computer chips that the user must take into account also the matter of comfort when using the computer in the sense that “if he wants to use the computer while sitting on the couch in the living room, for example, it is better to get a laptop.”
With regard to performance, there are many elements to be taken into account such as the hard disk capacity and size of RAM and graphics card, say Kaminski that powerful wizards achieve higher efficiency in use, but the whole matter depends not only on processors “. He said, “If you will surf the Internet and use word processing software, you don’t need a computer equipped with a fast processor, great potential.”
If you plan to use the computer in video files, that need the largest possible area of RAM and a huge hard drive capacity.
And when you search on a new computer, you must make sure that a healthy sitting position allows the specification of the geometry of mankind. And it is not advised to buy a very small in size. Says Klaus bash magazine “chip” on computer “Affairs not fun doing your daily undersized screen 14 inches”.
When you use a portable computer, the user can only move the screen forward or backward to change the angle of view, either the desktop computer, it is also possible to modify the height and move the keyboard and mouse to the mode that suits you best.

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