New details about Google Project Ara

The coming months will apparently be crucial for Google and its Ara Project. So it will be, judging by the recent news concerning the project of modular phone from Google. New details about Project Ara of Google indicate that the first fully functional prototype will be shown during the second Conference of developers of Ara which will take place in December of this year. So he did know Paul Eremenko, director of Project Ara in Google, during his participation in the Conference Linaro Connect USA (LCU14) which was held last September in California.

The Ara Project director also spoke about the close collaboration of Google with its partners in the project; the development of the project continues apace thanks to the collaboration with many partners, including Toshiba, Rockchip, Quanta, Foxconn and others.

Another highlight in the presentation of Eremenko was the announcement that Project Ara will use a modified version of Android, developed in collaboration with Linaro. Thanks to this version, the device Project Ara modules can be exchanged with the device functioning (hot swappable), except the CPU and screen. This means that you can change the modules without the need to turn off the phone.
Eremenko also mentioned that modules that can be used with Project Ara device, will be available in a new online store, as Play Store.

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