New home charger BMW i Wallbox Pro

BMW introduced a new charging station, you enjoy in particular owners of BMW news BMW i8, which sadly or i3 Slovakia still do not sell. The charging station and offers faster charging than the station Pro Wallbox BMW BMW and Pure at the same time, it also has a Wallbox easier operation. Advanced features for recharging your electricity use, or integration into the umožňia of the so-called smart homes. Installation service is also available to qualified experts who join and maintain charger.

The charger is able to charge power Pro Wallbox and BMW 7.4 kW, which shortens the time rechargeable. High-voltage battery in a BMW at 80% of their capacity charged i3 for three hours. The interesting thing is that the charging station BMW i Pro can also be used for charging the Wallbox models of other brands, with a European plug Type 2. To operate the charging station BMW i used a 7-inch color touch Pro Wallbox display. LED color tube on the side of the charger indicate device status even when viewed from a distance. For information about charging can be transmitted even with BMW and Remote to your mobile phone Wallbox.

One of the functions of the Chargers, made of green environment is also a possibility of setting materials to several user accounts and assigning individual cycles to this account. This will make it easier for the Bill in the context of multiple users. BMW charger i Pro is designed for indoor and outdoor use Wallbox.

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