OnePlus One receives major upgrade

Those friends who have a OnePlus One know how that came out an update which I imagine that many were waiting for today. This update that has a size of 206MB within the various problems that corrects is correction of the touch screen.

Many users had been reporting that the OnePlus One had some delay at the time of touch screen and this is critical, especially at the time of writing with the device. Additional this update corrects some problems with the camera as well as problems with the screen rotation.

Here a list of improvements which includes this update of the OnePlus One.:

A method was added so that users report problems directly to Cyanogen.
Added pause button when video is recorded.
Improvements in the performance of the battery (never the others).
Fixed problems with the exposure of the camera in AUTO mode.
Solution to problem where the screen is unresponsive upon reboot.
Static in the speakers when the equipment was loaded and had something connected to the headset Jack.
Fixed problems with excessive battery consumption when used the option to “Remove Hours”.
Problem of low volume on the Bluetooth connection.

Remember that it will be receiving this update through OTA (Over The Air) and it might take some days in which everyone can receive the same.

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