Skype Translator Preview Available In Win 8.1 and 10

Skype Translator Preview Available In Win 8.1 and 10During the month of may, Microsoft announced Skype Translator Preview, a new version of the popular application of messaging and video calls. Months later, in November, opened registration for all those interested in try the Preview version. Finally from a couple of days ago is available for everyone, it can be downloaded from the Store Windows. Although there is a small drawback, for now Skype Translator Preview Available In Win 8.1 and 10.

Skype Traslator Preview translates calls and video calls while you talk in real time. You can select if you want to hear the translation in full or simply see a transcript. It is otherwise identical to the official version with Modern UI interface. Microsoft is lately working on improve Skype, last month launched a new version of the desktop with a somewhat similar to Windows Phone interface.

If you want to have a good user experience with Skype Traslator Preview, a broadband Internet connection, is advisable to also advise using headphones with built-in microphone. While you are talking, you can see on the screen a transcript of the call. Currently translates more than 40 languages in text, spoken by now supports English and Spanish.

When you start a chat on the left translation options, lets you activate / deactivate the translation and choose the language both spoken and written. If you select written you will see that there are many to choose from, spoken only two. Once active translation don’t have to do anything, just talk as always, Skype Traslator Preview will take care of all translate it automatically. For now, it is not perfect but works well to be a Preview, in complicated sentences translation can have failures.

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